Cid History Chemical industries development CID is one of the eldest national pharmaceutical companies in Egypt since 1947. It is one of affiliated from the holding company for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and medical appliances. CID Co. is established its second Facility in Assiut in December 1962 over an area about 14 acres, in order to meet the increasing demands of medicines in the upper Egypt and to be the practical school by training the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Assiut University, where scientific research should be applied with work experience, now it is currently under renovation in accordance to the requirements of the Ministry of Health to increase its production capacity and to be complying with current GMP. CID carried out comprehensive enlargement going to the latest designs in most of its productive areas and warehouses according to recent demands of CGMP. CID produces products of 28 drug groups for human use . in the form of tablets , capsules, powder mixtures ( Packets ) , syrups , Eff. Tablets , Cream & ointment , Suppositories ,Ampoules , Nasal & Eye drops , Antibiotic vials and extract . CID has been awarded ISO 9001 / 2008 and ISO 14001 / 2004. CID licensed by ministry of health ( MOH ) to produce all the pharmaceutical dosage formafter registration of each form , the validity of registration of any product is 10 years after that it must be Re – registered . CID introduces new productive activity represented in manufacture veterinary products

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